1.  eMail Multiplier (Email Sender Software both Normal and bulk emails).
2.  Web-Dial (Internet Connection Dialer) for dialup connection.
3.  eFile Manager (File Movement and Tracking System).
4.  Document Digitalization System (Virtual System)*.
5.  DigiLib (Library Management & Virtual Library System*).
6.  Inventory & Sales Management System (Customized).
7.  Inventory Management System (Customized).
8.  Billing and Stocks Management System (Customized).
9.  Hospital Management System (Customized).
10.  Hindi Keyboard Layout Manager.
11.  Multi-Level Marketing solutions for Binary and tertiary tree structure up to n levels.
12.  School Management System.
13.  Digital Diary and Address Book.
*Virtual system is where you can read the Documents or Books on your Computer itself. In this system the books and/or documents are managed in the form of images or Text Searchable file formats (as required by the client) like PDF, DOC etc.
If required we can also provide with the detailed functionalities and workflow of the above mentioned software products
Few more of such products are in pipeline and soon shall be available. At Business Buddies we are working on both:
a. Customized Software Solutions, Web Development. And,
b. Generalized Software products, which any one can use with equal ease and interest.